Why use a pet transporter?

Did you know that relocating your household is considered one of the most stressful life events? Now throw your furry family members and an international move into the equation and try not to feel overwhelmed.

As specialists in International Moving and Relocation Services, we are passionate about your pet’s safety as well as your peace of mind! We clearly understand that Pet Relocation is one of the most crucial aspects of your family move. Therefore, whether your Pet is moving across the country or around the world, our team of certified specialists manage all the door-to-door aspects of your pet’s move with the utmost care.

Pet Relocation at its best

As a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), our “IPATA Accredited Live Animal Transportation” specialists ensure hassle-free, worldwide, pet and animal moving services, including veterinary services.

Felines Do Fly

Cats most likely prefer not to travel but when they must, felines manage their stress. We have learned through the years that cats will fly or travel their own way— just like they do everything else.

Cats are likely to hide under a shirt of yours that is placed in their kennel instead of getting active during the flight. When cats arrive, they may disappear for hours in your new home as they work to return to themselves. Continue to call after them gently and offer food and water in a few extra locations. Some cats will exit their kennel as if nothing has happened.

At Flight Grounds, we want to help you give your cat a travel experience with minimal stress. Our best secret remains one of your well-worn tee shirts to accompany your pet inside the travel kennel. Hiding little treats also helps us feel better. Contact us to discuss your feline friend and their needs.

Canines in Air

Many dogs love to travel and that extends to acceptance of air travel. Worried dog parents should know canines arrive with their own questions and needs: What just happened? Where are we? And in most cases: Where is dinner?

Our services extend from pet health document organization to reuniting you with your dog in the terminal or at your new home. If pets are passing through LAX, we will even get to check on them ourselves and send pictures when possible.

We love to meet new dogs, and it allows us to assess their needs in person. At times a pet will travel from one side of the world to the other, often stopping in Los Angeles for a connecting flight. We cater to pets in transit by providing walks, play time, supper, and even grooming. Please call our office if your pet will be in transit in Los Angles. As dog lovers, we care for them like our own.

Pet Ground Transport

Pets that are too aged, large or afraid to travel by air also have ground transportation options available. Nervous pet parents sometimes prefer that their pet avoids flying when possible, whether by ship, van, or car.

Some pet’s safety and well-being demand specialized travel options. Ground transport is proportionally more expensive but much less stressful on a pet. Many times the weather will dictate part of the pet itinerary. Utah, Nevada, and Arizona all have pet embargoes from March to August. If the temperature is above 82 degress or below 40 degrees in either the departing or arriving city, the airlines will deny pet boarding.

We provide assistance with pets in need of VIP ground transport to the airport when traveling from Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. Contact us so we can meet your specific needs.

Pet Travel Documents

Some countries issue pets a passport at birth to record the long list of requisite vaccines a pet must have in order to enter another country. This helps establish a vaccination timeline. Pet passports are not required to travel but the European Union will often accept them in lieu of documents.

Complex issues can result from import permits and health documents when that are filled out improperly. It is very important to double check all of your pets’ documents for clerical, calendar date, and data errors. This information can then be compared to the detailed import requirements your pet will have to abide by.

Centerpoint Paw Logistics will review then double-check these documents for compliance requirements for smoother travels.

Pet Transport Logistics

In addition to the timing of multiple events, pet itineraries can depend on multiple import permits, documents, and health records. And it all is done in collaboration or to the demands of multiple agencies.

We can manage all or parts of your pet’s travel for you, and often our experience and the personal relationships we have at multiple agencies can make a real difference if things don’t go according to plan.

The process for transporting live animals with care ultimately depends on the people who help see your pet to their new home. When you leverage the relationships and knowledge of Flight Grounds, you are also engaging a team that truly cares about animals and their well-being. Contact our pet travel specialists today.

Pet Travel Itineraries

Some countries may require up to three months in order to obtain a pet import permit. There may also be mandatory quarantine time when the pet arrives no matter how many documents and permits are provided.

The majority of pet travel itineraries require seven to fourteen days to research, confirm, and book. Each country and airline has their own set of specific requirements for traveling pets, and you must meet them all. Airlines also require the pet’s departure live animal team to contact the destination city airline team. This means your pet will be expected at their destination and people are waiting. Flight Grounds is able help you with the heavy lifting of finalizing your pet travel itinerary even it is driving them home ourselves.


Communication between the handler tending to your pet and the airline terminal facility ensures a timely check-in. Domestic flights require a check in time three hours before departure, while international flights require four hours. Some airlines attach GPS monitors to the kennel for real time kennel flight tracking. We have current information while your pet is in transit so we know exactly where your pet is during its travels at all times.

VIP for Pets

Our VIP pet transport services are extended to ALL of our pets in transit. Pets in our care go on walks before and after flights whenever possible and between vets visits when possible. Some dogs even enjoy accompanying our handlers to process their travel documents. Agents at the airline and the runway teams get a big smile when they see us with pets. We treat every pet traveling through Los Angeles as dear friends visiting from out of town.


It can take from one to six months to prepare for a pet’s journey. Island destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Tokyo have the most time-consuming process. Blood test results can take up to 45 days to process. Many times quarantine can be avoided by completing a check list. We want to help you with a plans to ensure your pet has the least amount of time in transit. Our expert preparation is the key.