Solutions for the Automotive industry

The automotive industry continues to develop at a rapid pace. Flight Grounds is able to shorten lead times and gain a better grip on your supply chain. You may expect a high service and quality level against competitive rates. We are certified according to the ISO 9001 standards (complete supply chain management). Next to transport we offer warehousing, warehouse services and custom formalities.

With experienced and committed colleagues, we also support your automotive company with qualitative Value Added Services at affordable rates. Think of assembly, assembling kits, quality controls and reverse logistics. Structurally, or e.g. during the holiday season or peak seasons we are able to carry out quality checks, repackaging or rework/kitting activities.

Logistics solutions for chemicals

Working with chemicals require special attention for producer, importer or distributor. Flight Grounds has access to a global network of own warehouses and reliable partners for storage and transport of chemicals or dangerous goods. We can take care of importing or exporting chemicals, often complicated because of different laws and regulations.

Flight Grounds is not only complying with the strict laws and regulations, but also going the extra mile when arranging transport. We know customs carry out additional checks on these products and what formalities you need to arrange. Qualified in-house specialists know which packaging is safest for transporting your chemicals and how to handle them.

Healthcare logistics

Timely and correct delivery of medical products remains indispensable in the supply chain of healthcare organizations. Due to the increasing demand for healthcare products and ever-changing regulations, healthcare remains a challenging and dynamic sector. Flight Grounds is well equipped and certified for healthcare warehousing according to ISO 13485 and aware of the strict and changing regulations within the MDR (medical device regulation). Flight Grounds will professionally support you with international forwarding, warehousing and Value Added Services

As part of contract logistics, our healthcare logistics division is fully dedicated to the healthcare industry. Our warehouse with a capacity of more than 10,000 m2. This warehouse is dedicated in use according to all quality standards for handling healthcare products. Such as medical devices, medical technology and many other related healthcare products. Together with our global network, our healthcare division offers an integrated end-to-end supply chain solution.

Logistics for fashion and footwear

For your industry we can organize and arrange flexible and fast deliveries, working closely with traders, importers, exporters, and fabric and material suppliers. Qualified in-house customs specialists will ensure import and export by taking care of customs clearance. Within the supply chain, Flight Grounds can also play an important role in transparent stock management and value-added services such as labeling or (re)packaging.

Always a challenge: replenishing your customers’ shops on time with the latest fashion items. With our finely meshed distribution network we can pick and deliver throughout Europe. Your really urgent deliveries can be arranged secure and cost efficient via our express transport network.

Aeronautics and marine parts Logistics

Supplying airports, yacht builders, and harbors timely can be a special challenge. For the Aeronautics and Marine industry, Flight Grounds can provide flexible and fast transport solutions within reach, whether in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, or Asia. Due to our worldwide network of own offices and reliable partners, we are able to provide the fastest route at reasonable rates.

To prevent delays in your process we gladly look for solutions. We will find the fastest route to the destination in question, by air, sea, rail or road transport. Thanks to a smart network of vans for large and smaller volumes you only pay a one way fare for urgent transport. For a quick quotation contact Us.

High tech and electronics Logistics

Dynamic high-tech companies require high-tech logistic solutions. Your company has to deal with shorter life cycles, lower production rates, and intensive globalization. Flight Grounds is experienced with all the complicated formalities concerning the import, export, and transit of your high-tech goods and the application of necessary permits to be able to ship or receive certain electronics. We can even act as your fiscal representative for imports. In that case we take care of clearing the goods, payment of VAT and the administration involved.

For high-tech electronic producers, we can provide cost-effective, flexible, and safe supply chain solutions to be able to fulfill the demands of your customers like fast delivery times, safe intermodal transport, and engineered inventory control. With a network of over 350 delivery vans and dozens of trucks, we are able to careful shipping of your high-tech products all over Europe.

Solar and semi-conductor industry

Solar energy more and more becomes standard in energy-saving projects and new constructions. This technology is developing continuously. To stay ahead, we can advise and arrange the best logistic solutions available, whether it concerns (thin) film, flexible or conventional systems and parts. We also offer transport, warehousing, or value-added services for the semiconductor industry.

Technological developments are fast-pacing each other. Using our logistic solutions you can maximize efficiency on transport and prevent obsolete stock and financial issues. 


Wherever your market may be. Today,Flight Grounds provides consistently high quality logistics services to Fast Moving Consumer Goods transportation companies. The world’s top consumer brands move large quantities of merchandise through distribution channels quickly.
To keep pace, they need logistics partners like Flight Grounds, which helps consumer goods companies manage high stock turnover, increase visibility, improve cash flow, lower transportation costs and spot problems and collect the data they need to boost supply chain efficiency. No matter how big volume or small your FMCG cargo may be we are bigger in handling and providing logistics services to suit all your FMCG freight movement needs globally