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100+ Owned Vehicles

At Flight Grounds Logistics, you are in the spotlight

At Flight Grounds, your needs come first. That is why we set up the entire service process for you. We can even invest our resources to create a computer program for logistics and transport for one customer.

Our experience
is your peace of mind

We like to think about our work that we do not carry out orders, but solve problems. Our clients can focus on the development of their own business with peace of mind, because they know that we always keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to transport and logistics.

13 Pillars of Flight Grounds

1. We do not make empty promises.

2. We offer our clients full support and advice in logistics processes.

3. We invest in the development of each employee, not only the managerial staff.

4. We operate based on shifts - the company almost never goes out of business.

5. We like challenges and difficult topics in transport.

6. We never send back empty - we always offer several transport options.

7. We are flexible in terms of offer and price.

8. We base our cooperation on mutual partnership, trust and honesty.

9.We have our own, modern reloading warehouse with the possibility of customs clearance.

10. We invest in our own fleet adapted to Scandinavian conditions (over 150 vehicles).

11. We cooperate with ADR advisors and customs agencies.

12.We provide high flexibility in crisis situations.

13. We operate in accordance with the provisions of transport law in Belgium and Europe.

24/7 Emergency transport

Dedication to safety and protection.

Due to our extensive network and years of experience we can arrange emergency transport for every type of cargo, at competitive rates. You will get status updates of your shipment, and in most cases your shipment can be checked through our  online Track & Trace page. Partners are available throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Custom Travel Crates

Boarding Accommodations

Corporate Relocation

Documentation (USDA/USFW)

Planning & Consultation

Airport Shuttle Services

Long Distance Ground Transportation

Customs Clearance

Comfort Stop Services

Boarding Accommodations

We are experts in Global Transportation

we are dedicated to fulfilling all your needs—from the source to the final destination. Since our incorporation, we have proved to be a safe, reliable, quality-driven forwarder.